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Diploma 2022

Application Period

This Application Period is from 10-05-2022 to 31-05-2022 23:59


Tel: 6447 4770

Important Points to Note:

The documents required to complete your submission are listed below. Please prepare and attach them in the online form in .pdf or .jpeg format only.

1) Applicant’s NRIC or Birth Certificate (BC)
2) Parent’s NRIC (for applicants who submit Birth Certificate ONLY)
3) Applicant’s Bank Statement - to verify name of account holder and bank account number. (Pri / Sec and Pre-U students in the Madrasahs are not required to submit this)
4) Applicant’s Payslip / CPF Contribution Statement (For Part-Time Undergraduate Applicants’ ONLY)
5) Payslips or official letter indicating gross monthly income of working family members
6) CPF Contribution statement of unemployed family members
7) Income tax statement for self-employed family members
8) Death/Divorce Certificate/ Court Letter (if applicable)
9) Student Pass/ Matriculation Card
10) Letter of Confirmation / Letter of Certification (for Diploma & University Levels ONLY)
11) Latest Examination Results
12) Other documents that may help you receive the bursary (Optional)
NOTE: Upon review, LBKM may request for additional documents from the applicant. Please check the applicant email for any notification.