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LBKM has come a long way since its inception, evolving from a small but relentless bursary-disbursing organization into a renowned bursary institution and a pillar of the Malay and Muslim community.
The genesis of this institution may be traced to the vision of one man, Mr Syed Ali Redha Alsagoff. LBKM has continued to receive overwhelming support from the Malay/Muslim community, with more than 70 local Malay and Muslim organizations enlisting as members, LBKM has been and will continue to be a key player in the community by providing much-needed financial assistance to students, to enable them to pursue their dreams and ambition.
As the years fly by, we continue to strive to remain a relevant beacon of light in the community without compromising on the building blocks and the virtues of LBKM our founding fathers envisioned.



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